Croix Valley Bold 'n Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning

$ 6.99

Croix Valley's Bold 'n Spicy Gourmet Bloody Mary Seasoning is a liquid concentrate that introduces bold spices and flavors to a simple glass of tomato or vegetable juice to create the most sensational Bloody Mary every time. By concentrating all of the ingredients used to make a Bloody from scratch, you can toss out the celery salt, Worcestershire, hot sauce and more; they're all in this squeeze bottle and ready to use. Just add a squirt or two of this concentrate in a glass of juice, add your spirit of choice and you're done!


Other suggested uses:

  • Add a little squirt to tomato soup, toss in some fresh shredded parmesan cheese and you've got an amazing Tuscan-style soup.
  • Add to ground beef when making meatloaf.
  • Add to chili - absolutely amazing

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