12 Days of Croixstmas

Croix Valley Christmas Special

The 12 Days of Croixstmas are here!  12 days of Croix Valley specials begin on November 13th and run through December 11th, 2020, culminating with our Grand Gift, your very own co-packed BBQ Sauce or Dry Rub, completely retail-ready and set to sell to friends, family and retailers anywhere in the country!

Watch for the 12 Croixstmas deals announced every 2-3 days beginning on Friday, November 13th.  Each deal released will include BIG savings on Croix Valley products.  Each deal taken advantage of during the special not only gives you a Holiday season full of flavor, but it enters you into our Grand Gift Drawing!  There are multiple ways to win, Bonus Entries to be announced and additional gifts to be given away!

Do you have an amazing recipe for a BBQ Sauce or Dry Rub that everyone has told you is the Best on the Block, the Cream of the Crop or the Talk of the Town? Is your sauce or rub just dying to be bottled and sold to the masses? This could be your opportunity to get in the BBQ game with your very own recipe bottled in retail jars, ready for sale and ready to take the world by storm!

Our Grand Gift winner will receive their choice of 30 gallons of their BBQ Sauce bottled in 16 oz glass bottles or 100 pounds of their BBQ Rub bottled in 16 oz plastic shaker bottles.** 

-Prize includes all regulatory and background work for your product, test batch production for your approval, label design, UPC barcode, nutritional analysis, FDA registration, analytic testing and all of the bells and whistles needed to make it a retail-ready product.  Don't have a recipe? Don't worry, we're happy to Private Label one of ours for you!

The 12 Days of Croixstmas deals will be released every 2-3 days during the promotion period via e-mail blast and will be posted to the Croix Valley Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.  Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you receive the notifications and connect with us on our social media pages to find the deals and individual instructions for bonus entries specific to those platforms.  Enter in any and all of the following ways:

1.  Each purchase made online using one of the deals during the 12 Days of Croixstmas automatically enters you into the Grand Gift Drawing and is worth 20 ENTRIES in our giveaway.

2.  Purchase Croix Valley products from our Authorized Dealers anytime during the contest period for 20 ENTRIES in our giveaway.  Email a copy of your store receipt* showing the purchase, the date and the Authorized Dealer's name to croixstmas@croixvalleyfoods.com 

*Each receipt received qualifies as 20 entries.

3.  Upload a pic of yourself with a Croix Valley Product at one of our Authorized Dealers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag the dealer and @croixvalley, using the hashtags #croixvalleynation and #12daysofCroixstmas for an additional 10 ENTRIES per platform!

To find an Authorized Dealer near you, please check out our Where to Buy page.  Authorized Dealers are denoted on the map with our Pig Shield Icon and are listed individually with the Authorized Dealer Emblem  .

4.  Follow the contest link for multiple entries worth up to 10 ENTRIES EACH in our drawing; the more you participate, the greater your chances of winning!  Bonus entries and additional prizes will be announced throughout the promotion.

Contest Link will be available Beginning November 13, 2020 right HERE.

5. No purchase necessary.  You may enter the giveaway by mailing your name, address, email and phone number printed on a 3x5 card to:

Croix Valley Foods
650 Brakke Drive, Suite 101
Hudson, WI 54016
Entries must be received by December 10, 2020

**Winner's recipe for BBQ Sauce or BBQ Rub must meet all standards for commercial production by Croix Valley Foods.  Not all recipes for a given product will be deemed suitable for commercial production and will be solely determined by Croix Valley.  Croix Valley will work with the winner to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the facility's license, production methods and access to raw materials.  We are committed to providing our winner with the best possible product and winner agrees to work, in good faith, with Croix Valley to provide a reasonable recipe for production and understands that modifications to an existing recipe may need to be made to facilitate production.  All decisions on a recipes viability will be made by Croix Valley.  If a suitable recipe can not be agreed upon or the winner does not have a recipe, Croix Valley reserves the right to offer the prize in the form of an equitable amount of Private Label BBQ Sauce or BBQ Rub from Croix Valley's available list of Private Label Products (found here).  Croix Valley's standard Nondisclosure Agreeement (NDA) will be enforced in regard to the winner's recipe and the final recipe and formulation will remain the property of the winner, with all associated rights to intellectual property remaining in effect for both parties. By signing the NDA, Croix Valley and the winner do not enter into a contractual obligation for the winner to continue to purchase additional product from Croix Valley, nor is Croix Valley obligated to continue to produce the winner's product beyond the initial production of the prize package.  If the winner chooses to purchase product after the initial prize package has been produced and Croix Valley agrees to continue to produce said product for the winner, all regular protocol in ordering said product will follow Croix Valley's standard operating procedures and treat the winner as a regular co-packing client, subject to lead times, pricing, minimum order volumes, etc. Winner must be a legal resident of the contiguous United States and be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for the Grand Gift prize package.