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Croix Valley uses partner's products that we believe in and invite you to explore these great companies too.  Whether it be in competition cooking, events, or in our own homes and backyards, the products that these companies produce are not only quality, but are tried and tested and we absolutely put our stamp of approval on them.  Not only do we believe in the products and the companies, but we believe in the families and people behind each brand.


Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills produces stunning, premium wood pellet grills, Kamado grills, vertical smokers and accessories.  As the Louisiana Grills Pro Team, Damon and Lu not only use Louisiana Grills exclusively for professional food sport competitions, but also use them in their own backyards where the versatility of these grills gets put to the test with all manner of grilling, smoking, baking and searing unique and creative dishes.


Compart Family Farms 

Known as #TheBestPorkonthePlanet, Compart Duroc premium pork products are the absolute top of the game.  Generations of selective breeding and superior genetics has led to this family farm's pork to have higher marbling, increased tenderness and better yield than the competition.  Croix Valley exclusively uses all Compart Family Farms premium products in every pork dish they cook, both personally and professionally.


Gunter Wilhelm


Gunter Wilhelm German cutlery and cookware is THE best on the market today!  With quality craftsmanship like no other, Gunter Wilhelm is one of the most essential tools in our cooking arsenal and we couldn't recommend them more.  In their pursuit of excellence, these products have become renown for being the knives and cookware of choice for professional chefs, home cooks, backyard grillers and professional pitmasters the world over.


Grill Grate

GrillGrates are a true infrared grilling surface made of interlocking panels that fit across the surface of your grill, either replacing existing grates or covering them. Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates increase the grill surface temperature, reduces flare ups, hot and cold spots and delivers restaurant quality sear marks all at once. We use GrillGrates every time we are looking for that perfect sear, especially when cooking steaks for pro competitions.


Big Frig


Big Frig rotomolded coolers and vacuum insulated tumblers are designed and tested to stand up to the harshest conditions in the outdoors while keeping your food and beverages ice cold for days.  On the competition cooking trail, we are often traveling far from home where we need to keep our expensive meats and ingredients cold for days and Big Frig has the reliability we count on to help us with the perfect cook every time. Not only can we forget about the need for additional ice, but we love the versatility of the coolers to act as a hot box to keep our food hot while it can rest for hours awaiting the judging table.


 Revier Cattle Company


Revier Cattle Company premium Black Angus beef is the highest quality, tastiest beef we have ever sank our teeth into.  Rasied on the family farms in Minnesota since 1867, the Revier family sets their beef apart from others with an industry-leading operation focused on humane animal treatment, higher quality feeds, and social, economic and environmental sustainability.  The total care that goes into producing the Revier Cattle is what makes this the highest quality beef on the market!


 Flame Boss

Flame Boss temperature controllers are like having cruise control for your grill or smoker.  When cooking on charcoal on our kamado grills, we use our Flame Boss controllers to regulate the air flow based on the temperature we desire and the internal temperature of the meats we are cooking.  You simply plug it in, set it and forget it.  Especially when in a competition environment, Flame Boss ensures we are not constantly needing to adjust the air intake and vents to maintain the proper temperatures (and it allows us to get some sleep during long overnight cooks).


The Great Scrape

The Great Scrape is an all natural BBQ cleaning tool and wood grill scraper. It's the better alternative to wire brushes, that are notorious for leaving behind bristles that could wind up in your food. It custom grooves to uniquely fit your barbecue grill without having to worry about metal bristles or harming your grill grates. It is made of solid premium hard wood and is designed for years of grilling pleasure. We don't clean our grills without it!



GoFire ultimate fire starters are an all-natural fire starter that holds up to the harshest conditions of wind, snow and rain.  Completely earth-friendly, non-toxic and food safe, these are simply the best fire starters we have ever used, and while they can burn for up to 10 minutes, we are always ensured that our fire will start with ease.   When we need to ignite our charcoal for the grill or simply want to start a campfire, we turn to GoFire everytime!


Lift Bridge Brewing Company

Lift Bridge Brewing Company is a Minnesota-based craft brewery located in Stillwater, Minnesota. It is Minnesota's 6th largest Craft brewery, well known for its flagship beers Farm Girl Saison® and Hop Dish® IPA. Lift Bridge produces award-winning craft beers and sodas and has been a Croix Valley partner since we both founded our companies around the same time over a decade ago. Lift Bridge not only produces a wide selection of refreshing beverages, but their products are often incorporated into numerous dishes and recipes we create, making them the perfect ingredient to pair with Croix Valley products.

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