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Great Scrape Grill Cleaning Tool

$ 24.99

The Great Scrape is an all natural BBQ cleaning tool. It is an alternative to the old metal wire brush. It custom grooves to uniquely fit your barbecue grill without having to worry about metal bristles or harming your grill grates. It is made of solid hard wood and is designed for years of grilling pleasure. It makes for the perfect grilling accessory or BBQ gift.

Key Benefits:

  • Customizes to Grill

  • Easy to Clean

  • Grill Safe

  • Long Lasting

  • No Wire Bristles


What is the Great Scrape made of?

The Great Scrape is made of solid hardwood, and is coated with an all natural, non-toxic, food safe mineral oil

Do I need to treat my Great Scrape with anything?

Each Great Scrape is already treated with a food safe mineral oil (butcher block oil). If the color begins to fade over time, reapply mineral oil as appropriate.

How do I know if the Great Scrape is right for my grill?

Generally, as long as your grill grates are of the front to back, straight rail type, the Great Scrape should work on your grill. Because the size and shape of all grill grates vary by manufacturer, the Great Scrape may groove faster and/or deeper on some grills than it will on others.

How long will it take for my Great Scrape to start grooving?

The grooves will start to form during the first use. Although they start small, as you continue to use the Great Scrape the grooves will get deeper and deeper, eventually covering the cooking surface of each individual grate.

How long will my Great Scrape last?

Because of the design, the grooving process will slow down as the grooves reach the thicker part of the wood. Longevity is also determined by how well it is taken care of. We recommend storing it away from the elements e.g. under your grill cover. With proper care you should expect years of use from your Great Scrape.

How do I clean my Great Scrape after use?

Unlike the conventional wire brushes, the Great Scrape can be cleaned by simply wiping the charred debris off the tip with a paper towel or napkin.

Is the Great Scrape safe for porcelain coated grill grates?

The Great Scrape was designed specifically for porcelain coated grill grates, but the Great Scrape is also equally effective on cast iron and stainless steel grill grates. Because the Great Scrape is made of solid wood, there are no metal bristles or metal scrapers to chip, crack or scratch delicate cooking surfaces.

How do I clean the sides or bottom of my grill grates?

To clean the sides of the BBQ grill grates, simply turn the Great Scrape at an angle to reach in between the grates. To clean the bottom of the grates, flip the grates over and use the Great Scrape as normal. If the grates are spaced very closely together, remove the grates and wash or soak in water

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