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December Pit Crew Challenge | Greek and Southwest BBQ Booster

December Pit Crew Challenge | Greek and Southwest BBQ Booster

The Croix Valley Pit Crew Challenge for December was to create dishes with our NEW Greek and Southwest Barbecue Boosters.

 As you might have noticed, we've released Greek Barbecue Booster and Southwest Barbecue Booster. We've been perfecting the recipes for awhile now, and in December we got them into the hands of our professional food sport competitors - The Croix Valley Pit Crew. 

The Pit Crew immediately got to work and created many delicious dishes! If you're looking to add some new and exciting flavor to the dinner table these are two spices you'll want to stock. The possibilities are endless!


Al Gackstetter | Greek Prime Rib Roast

"@1855blackangusbeef Prime Rib Roast Seasoned with @croixvalley Greek BBQ Booster (soon to be released) cooked over @jealousdevilcharcoal Onyx on the @kamadojoe."

al gackstetter


Al Gackstetter | Southwest Chicken Wings

Al gackstetter



Mike Schilling | Greek Muffuletta

This @smithfieldbrand pork loin New Orleans style muffuletta with @croixvalley Greek BBQ Booster is delicious as it is easy! 1.5-2# center rib cut off the pork loin, seasoned heavy with Greek Booster, smoked on the @traegergrills at 250 until 140 internal, foiled to rest. Chilled, ran through the slicer. Olive tapenade using three types of olives, capers, garlic, and olive oil. Piled high in layers with provolone on an Italian roll. Super easy, affordable, delicious!

Mike Schilling


Mike Schilling | Greek Pork Loin Gyro

"This @smithfieldbrand pork loin gyro with @croixvalley Greek BBQ Booster is a great food prep recipe. 2#’s of the loin off the sirloin end ground and emulsified with red onion, Greek Booster, and olive oil. The gyro loaf smoked at 275 on the @traegergrills to 145, cooled. Slice off enough and brown slices and pitas on the @blackstoneproducts."

Mike Schilling

Mike Schilling | Southwest BBQ Booster Pig Shots

"Merry Christmas from the Schilling Compound! The appetizers are rolling with these @croixvalley Southwest BBQ Booster pig shots! Andouille sausage, bacon, cream cheese, green chiles, Monterey Jack cheese. 325 on the @traegergrills with the thick cut @smithfieldbrand bacon!"

Mike Schilling

Scott Nardi | Greek Chicken Souvlaki

"Chicken Souvlaki for a late night snack. Chicken thighs marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and white vinegar with a healthy dose of soon to be released @croixvalley Greek Booster have all the right flavors! @jealousdevilcharcoal Maxxx Briquets don’t care if it’s 15 degrees out. They burn long, hot and clean every time!"

Scott Nardi


Scott Nardi | Southwest Chicken & Rice

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of the soon to be released @croixvalley Southwest Booster and let me tell ya, this stuff is a flavor 💣!! I used it to boost up the flavors in a quick and easy pot of Southwest Chicken & Rice. A little comfort food hits the spot after a long week!"

scott nardi

Jen Lauer | Southwest Lime Chicken

"Chicken panfried with Southwest Barbecue Booster, over a bed of tortilla chips, Mexican rice and cheese. Topped with sour cream seasoned with ranch powder, taco seasoning and Southwest Barbecue Booster. A healthy squeeze of lime and a little salsa. This dish is our family's take of our favorite Applebee's dish, Fiesta Lime Chicken."

Jen Lauer


Jen Lauer | Deconstructed Gyro

"Greeking out Croix Valley style. This Greek Barbecue Booster is insane! Put a little on sliced pork loins and pan fried it up with olive oil and fresh garlic. Then made a tzatziki with Greek yogurt, Greek Barbecue Booster, minced garlic and grated cucumber. Served it as a deconstructed gyro with sliced onion, red pepper, tomato, lettuce and rice. Just barely enough left over for lunch tomorrow!"

Jen Lauer

John Schwartz | Southwest Smoked and Braised Chicken with Beef Short Ribs

" Southwest booster…. Phenomenal! Trimmed and rubbed the short ribs with southwest booster. I made a compound butter using the the southwest booster and also used it to rub the skin of the chicken. Put together a warm corn salad using the booster and finally made a cilantro lime jasmine rice with a light coat of the booster as well.

I must say this booster is extremely versatile depending on the amounts used. A booster is exactly what this is, it brings the flavor to flavor town!"

John Schwartz


John Schwartz | Greek Lamb Pita Wraps

"Well I must say this was a first for me. Started with a deboned lamb leg and applied a heavy coat of the new @croixvalley Greek Booster the night before. Let it ride low and slow using @jealousdevilpellets at 200* for six hours wrapped in foil with a little butter and put back on the smoker at 250* till 205* internal. After a quick rest, gave it a pull and built up the gyros. For that green stuff, quick spring mix diced cucumber, tomato, feta cheese and Greek dressing!"

John Schwartz


Mark Siemers | Shallow Poached Salmon In White Dill Sauce 

mark siemers salmon


 Croix Valley Southwest Barbecue Booster and Greek Barbecue Booster can be used it so many tasty ways. We're seeing exciting new dishes daily, as people further experiment with these wonderful flavors. We're shipping now, so pick them up today!

And don't forget that we give out a coveted Croix Valley Tumbler every month to someone using that hashtag #croixvalleynation. 

See ya' around the grill!

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