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Dijon Chicken Cordon Bleu

An elevated bite from a classic flavor combination, our Dijon Chicken Cordon Bleu is easy to make and over the top delicious!

$10,000 World Championship Sandwich Recipe - Mediterranean Chicken Kafta Pita with Goat Cheese Tzatziki and Curried Onions.

Damon Holter's award-winning Mediterranean Kafta Pita Sandwich garnered the top prize at the World Food Championships in November of 2023. As the 2-time World Sandwich Champion, Damon walks you through step-by-step instruction for recreating his winning recipe!

White Chicken Jambalaya

White Chicken Jambalaya - Damon and Lu's twist on a traditional Louisiana classic!

Learn the croix valley story

From humble beginnings in the Northwoods of Wisconsin to the hands of cooks and pitmasters across the globe, find out why we say that we're real people who make really good food.