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Tasty Grilled Stuff

Smoked Olive Loaf Sliders

Croix Valley Pit Crew member Mike Schilling gives us a tasty lesson on smoking olive loaf.

Smoked Cottage Pie

Our recipe for Smoked Cottage Pie is a new twist on the old favorite, utilizing a meat “bowl” to hold the filling to make this a delicious treat hot off the grill!

Grilled Rachel Stromboli

Our recipe for our Grilled Rachel Stromboli includes the classic ingredients layered in croissant dough and grilled over lump hardwood charcoal.

Croix Valley Grilled Marinated Tofu

Not only is Croix Valley a vegan sauce, but it adds fantastic flavor to a wide variety of meatless dishes, including grilled marinated tofu!

Video: Grilled Flatbread Pizza

Lu Shows how simple it is to use Croix Valley products to create great flatbread pizzas on the grill in less than 15 minutes.

Jambalaya Kebabs with Cast Iron Dirty Rice

Our recipe for Jambalaya Kebabs with Cast Iron Dirty Rice utilizes the smokiness of the grill to finish this skewered delight.

Spicy Reuben Bratwurst

This delight combines the flavors of two American Classics, bratwursts and a Reuben sandwich.

There’s No Place Like Rome, an Italian-Inspired Burger

This burger takes the flavors of an Italian meatball and combines it with pesto, Italian seasonings and four cheeses.

Grilled Mexican Stuffed Peppers

South of the border flavors stuffed into a grilled bell pepper...what more do you need to know?

VIDEO: Croix Valley Smoked Bacon Philly Cheese Brats

The flavors of a Philly Cheese Steak combined with a juicy bacon-wrapped beer brat are a match made on the grill!  

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Wrap your Thanksgiving leftovers in dough and toss it on the grill for an amazing treat the entire family will love!

Perfect Grilled Venison Roast

Grilling lean venison can be tricky, but our foolproof recipe will make the star of the dinner table. 
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