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Croix Valley Foods co-packs acidic and acidified canned food products, as well as dry blends and seasonings.  From small batch production to large volume runs, Croix Valley's versatility in production can help bring products to market without the large volume requirements and substantial start-up costs associated with other co-packers.

We specialize in co-packing for barbecue sauces, marinades, salsas, hot sauces, Bloody Mary mixes, beverages, Worcestershire sauces, pasta sauces, dry rubs, seasonings, and more.  We are an FDA-regulated facility licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and are a "one-stop shop" for bringing products to market.

From concept to completion, Croix Valley covers Recipe and Process Development, Nutritional Analysis, Label Design and Production, FDA Registration, Process Authority Review and more.

Do you have a product you're looking to bring to market?  We'll take the worry out of navigating the process. 

 Croix Valley barbecue copacking services

Croix Valley offers the following:

Minimum production runs:

Liquid and Sauce-type products: 100 gallons

Dry Blends and Seasonings:  150 pounds

Packaging Types:

Liquid and Sauce-type products are hot-filled in glass containers.  We stock many sizes and styles and work with the industry leaders to source custom containers and closures from 5 oz. to 64 oz.  Croix Valley also produces in foodservice containers, including 64 oz. and 128 oz. HDPE Plastic containers, as well as 2 or 5 gallon pails.

Dry blends and seasonings can be packaged in nearly any size PET clear plastic bottle, glass bottles or bulk bag-in-box options.

Start to Finish Services:

Recipe and Process Development:  We take your recipe and develop it for commercial production with the ability to custom-match ingredients and flavor profiles.  We do not begin production until our customer's approve the samples for quality and taste.

Product Compliance: We take care of all required testing to meet industry standards and FDA compliance.  From Process Authority review to pH testing and Nutritional analysis, we handle all of the background work necessary for commercial production. Once produced, your product can legally be sold anywhere across the US with full assurance that it complies with all regulations.

Label Design: We can create your label, to your specifications, by our award-winning label designer to develop stunning packaging that will stand out on the shelf and make customers take notice.  From starting a design from scratch or simply finishing a design off with the appropriate nutrition and ingredient information or UPC barcodes, Croix Valley takes care of it all.


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