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Croix Valley Foods BBQ Dry Rubs & Seasonings

Rubs and Seasonings

Croix Valley's line of award-winning BBQ Dry Rubs, Barbecue Boosters and Wing seasonings are versatile, all-purpose spice blends designed to impart flavor to any dish you're cookin' up!

Barbecue Boosters: Croix Valley's line of Barbecue Boosters are unique all-purpose seasonings perfect as a dry rub for the grill or smoker, as well as for an extra shot of flavor on dishes such as pastas, seasoned vegetables, seafood and more. Simply sprinkle on meats and veggies before, during or after the cook, you can't go wrong with these fantastic blends of flavor.  Packaged in 6oz. plastic shakers.
BBQ Dry Rubs: Croix Valley's line of BBQ Dry Rubs are true rubs designed to create the perfect bark and impart genuine flavors to true "low and slow" smoked meats. Excellent on the smoker and grill, these rubs not only season "big meats" like brisket and pork shoulder, but are fantastic for flavor and color on ribs and poultry to burgers and steaks.  Packaged in 13 oz shakers. 
Wing & BBQ Boosters: Croix Valley's Wing and BBQ Boosters are the perfect seasoning for wings and more. Rub your wings before you grill, smoke or bake - or deep fry and toss 'em with the seasoning. Also use as a finishing rub for all your favorite foods. From veggies and fries to seafood, popcorn, burgers and more, simply finish your food with a dusting of seasoning and transform the flavors of any meal!  Packaged in 7 oz foil pouches.

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