Bloody Mary Seasonings

Croix Valley's line of Gourmet Bloody Mary Seasonings are liquid concentrates designed to make the perfect cocktail every time. Infused with bold herbs, spices and just the right kick, you can push aside the mixes and bar-full of ingredients and simply add a squirt or two to a glass of tomato or vegetable juice, toss in the vodka and you're done. Each 15oz. squeeze bottle yields an average of 20 pint-sized cocktails. Croix Valley Bloody Mary Seasonings are packaged in 15oz. plastic squeeze bottles and Rim Salts are packaged in 4oz. shakers.
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Croix Valley Bold 'n Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning Bloody Mary Concentrate Bottle
Croix Valley Garlic 'n Dill Bloody Mary Seasoning
Croix Valley Horseradish Bloody Mary Seasoning
Croix Valley Pepper Bloody Mary Seasoning
Croix Valley Original Bloody Fine Rim Salt
Croix Valley Spicy Bloody Fine Rim Salt
Bloody Fine Gift Set
Bloody Delicious Party Pump
Bloody Delicious Party Pump
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