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Team Croix Valley

Jay and Wendy Kassera | Wisconsin | Croix Valley Pro Team

Jay and Wendy are both SCA competitors that have been finding success on the food sport circuit since 2018.

Kelly Trumpold | Minnesota | Croix Valley Pro Team

Kelly Trumpold is an entrepreneur/food competitor. At age 13 he started working in his aunts pizza restaurant, and has worked in the restaurant industry on and off for 35 years.

Erik Van Emst | Belgium | Croix Valley Pro Team

Erik van Emst has been a European BBQ competition cook since 2016 and hails from the Netherlands.

Murray Danyluk | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Alberta

Murray Danyluk took up smoking all kinds of food in 2018, and has been creating incredible dishes ever since. 

Jeffrey De Kwant | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Netherlands

Jeffrey De Kwant was born to cook and has worked as a head chef for many years in professional restaurants.

Annamarie Veldkamp and Coen Salemink | Croix Valley Pro Team | Netherlands

These 2 are becoming a force to be reckoned with in European Foodsport!

Al Gackstetter | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Minnesota

Al has been grilling and smoking creative dishes in his backyard for the past 13 years, branching out into pro BBQ from time to time and taking home some hardware.

Dan Dicke | Croix Valley Pro Team | Wisconsin

Dan Dicke is a BBQ and steak competitor who has been using Croix Valley products at home and on the competition trail for years. 

Daniel Vanson | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Quebec

By day Daniel Vanson is a high school teacher, but every other hour he is a man that loves to eat!

Tyson Schroeder | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Saskathewan

Tyson Schroeder first started exploring BBQ a decade ago with some friends and has enjoyed experimenting with it ever since. 

Derek Morrison | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Ontario

Derek likes to blend Texas and Kansas City styles of bbq together but always with a Canadian twist.

Mike Lester | Croix Valley Pit Crew | British Columbia

Mike has always had a passion for cooking but truly took to grilling during the lockdowns.