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Facebook Post For Workers Gets National Press And Blows Up

Facebook Post For Workers Gets National Press And Blows Up


Croix Valley is growing. As exciting as that is, it's tricky to manage production with new accounts popping up daily. With a mountain of orders to fulfill in short order, Croix Valley owner Damon Holter took to Facebook with a refreshingly honest "job posting". Here it is:


damon holter facebook post

It's not your every day, run-of-the-mill job posting, and that's probably why it garnered so much attention. It was doing well on it's own, and then one day...the offers really started pouring in. We were surprised to find that a national radio station, KAT Kountry 105, picked it up and wrote about it on their website.

Long story short, we ended up finding the folks we needed to meet all of our deadlines. It was a fun ride, and just goes to show that a little humility and humor go a long way when you're asking for help. A big thanks to everyone that reached out with generous offers. We appreciate you! 




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