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Kelly Trumpold | Minnesota | Croix Valley Pro Team

Kelly Trumpold | Minnesota | Croix Valley Pro Team

kelly trumpold croix valley

Kelly Trumpold | Minnesota |Croix Valley Pro Team

Kelly Trumpold is an entrepreneur/food competitor. At age 13 he started working in his aunts pizza restaurant, and has worked in the restaurant industry on and off for 35 years. His real passion started in 2011 when he opened a family restaurant. He dedicated his life to that endeavor for seven years. 

He started competing with his wife Beth in 2012. Over the years the restaurant had #1 pizza in the north land (Duluth) for three years running, #1 bacon dish three years running, several years winning top 3 burger awards, and more. He has competed nine years in the WFC, placing in the Top Ten 5 times, and as a sous chef helped chefs win top 10 three times!

In 2013 he met Damon Holter at the airport in Las Vegas en route to the WFC. After he met Lu and Damon he got more competitive and entered more competitions. He's had a great 10 years with many more to come, and is a force to be reckoned with on the food sport circuit.

He and Beth currently own Lake Superior Catering, Beth’s beauty salon, Park Rapids CBD, Linda’s recycled goods, 3 Bears Food Truck, and have a rental property business. On top of all that he spends time with his beautiful wife Elizabeth of 18 years and their three boys Zane (14), Wyatt (11) and Quintin (9).

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kelly trumpold croix valley pro team

kelly trumpold croix valley pro team

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