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Ingredients: Natural Tomato Concentrate (tomato, sugar, vinegar, spice, onion), sugar, cranberries, cranberry juice, vinegar, natural flavor, dried garlic, salt, spices.

  • Vegan
  • Low Sodium

Get ready to crank up the flavor with Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue Sauce! We took our award-winning BBQ sauce and added the berry best ingredient - fresh cranberries! This sauce is so versatile, it pairs with almost anything - from turkey burgers to a full roasted turkey, and even wild game like pheasant, duck, and goose. It's like a flavor explosion in your mouth, with the fruity tartness of the cranberries and the brown sugar sweetness of our BBQ sauce working together in perfect harmony. Trust us, you won't find a Cranberry Barbecue Sauce quite like it anywhere. Don't believe us? Give it a try and get ready to sauce like a boss!

Other suggested uses:

  • Pour over cream cheese and use it as a dip for crackers.
  • Excellent on turkey burgers.
  • Fantastic sauce for basting a turkey while roasting.
  • Amazing sauce for wildfowl.  Great on duck, pheasant, goose, quail, and other game birds.

The sweet and tart notes in this sauce are what has garnered it multiple awards, including 1st Place Fruit BBQ Sauce from the National Barbecue & Grilling Association Awards of Excellence. 

Check out our food service website for over 40 Cran-B-Cue meal ideas!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Christine Joy Staber
Another favorite

There is just me here so I don’t go through a lot of sauce but when I reorder the cran b cue is a must have. Thanks for such wonderful products.

Lauri Oswald

Yum! Turkey not done on the smoker but been snacking! Used both Poultry booster and the Cran-B-Cue! Will Have Pics On Croix valley nation so I can win A drink cup!

What a great combo! We'll keep an eye out for the pics

Dennis Jackson
Great sauce

Love this stuff. Love the hint of cranberry

Jason Rundle
Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue BBQ Sauce

This is my son's favorite sauce. I buy some every year at the Musky Festival in Hayward, when they have a booth.

Larry Bauer
Great product and service.

Tried the new Cran-B-Cue sauce and love it. Just goes fantastically well with a pork loin and hash browns.