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Is the Croix Valley Embroidered Truck Cap just another hat? Of course not. The mesh back keeps you cool when the pressure is on, and the pro-stitched finish looks great whether you're in your backyard or at a fancy steakhouse. But wait, there’s more…

Benefits that come with the Croix Valley Trucker Cap:

  • Ability to smell a backyard BBQ from five miles away.
  • 40% increase in general grilling skills.
  • Ability to tell the internal temperature of any meat simply by looking at it. 
  • Ability to light briquettes by pointing at them (this one takes practice).
  • When wearing the hat, beer gets colder with each sip (this one surprised us).

It would be ridiculous to NOT buy this hat. Join #CroixValleyNation and toss one in your cart today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dennis Schuett
Great hats!

Great quality, very crisp and sharp!

Pat McDevitt
Croix Valley Trucker hat!

I was so excited to receive my new Croix Valley Trucker hat. Not only does the hat look cool, it fits great and is comfortable to wear!

Al G
Looking Pretty Cool

I must say I look pretty darn cool in my new Croix Valley hat! I also believe this hat has increased my general grilling skills by at least 40%.