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Dive into the flavorful world of “Croix Valley’s Better Burgers,” curated by award-winning grillmeister Damon Holter. This book lays the foundation for creating elevated burger combinations like the Distiller’s Mushroom Burger which features a blended burger topped with Bourbon and Mushroom Cream Sauce, or the Wisconsin Beer Cheese Pub Burger with Red Ale Bacon Jam. Learn tried and true methods for unique twists on classic favorites, like the “Holter Bun”, Damon’s method of battering, deep frying, and seasoning scratch-made buns. With the elements included in this book, you’ll have the knowledge to make the recipes your own, allowing for thousands of Better Burger combinations. This cookbook encapsulates Damon’s expertise, featuring innovative burger recipes, scratch-made seasonings, and signature sauces that reflect his passion for elevating home cooking. From classic flavors to global inspirations, Damon’s philosophy of sourcing quality ingredients and relishing the cooking process shines through. “Croix Valley’s Better Burgers” isn’t just a collection of recipes; it’s a testament to Damon’s culinary evolution, inviting both novices and grill enthusiasts to embark on their own burger adventures.

120 Pages, Printed in USA, Published by Croix Valley Foods.

Customer Reviews

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K Nylund
Worth Every Penny

I love this book. The amount of information and recipes are great. I cannot wait to try all of them. If you like burgers you need this book.

Kevin Kuehn
Croix Valley's Better Burgers - A Guide to Elevating the Burger Game by Damon Holter?

Mind Blowing flavor profiles. They are going to twist the taste buds.

Everyone needs this!

I wanted to try and elevate my burger game, and Damon has done a fantastic job writing this book! I have learned so much!! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes out on the competition trail and at home for the family!!!

David Maier

I have been cooking burgers my whole life and thought my technique was one of the best. After reading Damon's book, I am humbled to my cooking core! The step by step techniques and theory are explained concise and colorful at the same time! I cannot wait to plow through each and every recipe in the coming months. It will be the top of my birthday, marriage and Christmas gift lists for sure! Thanks for sharing your passion with all of us! - David Maier (STEAK TANK)

Thank you so much David! The reception to the book has been far beyond anything we had hoped for. Be sure to post your burger pics and tag us! Cheers!

Robert Jorgenson
Amazing book

I absolutely love all of the products I get from Croix Valley, but this burger book is the best of them all! Thanks Damon and Lu!