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Croix Valley Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

Souvlaki is a centuries-old Greek dish that can be prepared with a variety of meats grilled on a skewer.  Our recipe for Grilled Chicken Souvlaki takes the tastes of the Mediterranean and brings them within reach to your backyard grill.  The bold flavors from herbs and spices make this an amazing dish you’ll want to try with pork and lamb as well! 

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki


  • 4 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, sliced into 1” wide strips. 
  • 1 Red Onion, sliced 
  • 2 Tomatoes, Sliced  

For the Marinade: 

  • ½ cup Croix Valley Garlic N’ Herb Sauce & Marinade 
  • Juice from 1 Lemon 
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil 
  • 2 Tbsp fresh garlic, chopped 
  • 1 Tbsp Dried Thyme 

For the Tzatziki Sauce: 

  • 2 Cups Greek Yogurt 
  • 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice 
  • 1 Clove Garlic, minced 
  • 1 Cucumber, seeded and finely diced 
  • 1 Tbsp Fresh Dill, chopped 
  • 2 Tbsp Croix Valley Garlic BBQ Booster 


  1. Combine all ingredients for the marinade, whisk together and place in zippered storage bag.
  2. Place chicken in the marinade and let sit, refrigerated, for a minimum of 2 hours, or up to 1 day.
  3. Combine all ingredients for the Tzatziki sauce and place in whisk together (for a very smooth texture and to lessen the work of finely dicing the cucumber, all may be combined in a food processor for ease).  Refrigerate until ready for use.
  4. When ready to grill, remove chicken from the marinade and thread the strips onto wooden skewers that have soaked in water for at least 20 minutes to help prevent them from burning on the grill.
  5. Place the skewers on grill of at least 375°F over direct heat and cook, turning often, until chicken begins to brown and reaches a minimum internal temperature of at least 165°F.
  6. Serve with Tzatziki Sauce, sliced tomatoes and onion.


Yield: About 1 dozen skewers. 


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