Become an Authorized Dealer

Croix Valley's network of Authorized Dealers are reaping the benefits of this industry first-of-its-kind program by taking advantage of the tools Croix Valley offers to help sell our products in their stores.  By becoming an Authorized Dealer, retail stores are afforded more benefits for increased profitability.

Program Requirements:

To qualify to become registered as a Croix Valley Authorized Dealer, the retailer must commit to carrying a base selection of at least 12 sku's of Croix Valley products in their store at all times.  This mix is typically at least 6 sauces and 6 seasonings.  By carrying a wider assortment, not only do Croix Valley customers know that when they step into one of our Authorized Dealer's locations they will be getting the widest selection of their favorite products, but the brand presence on the store shelf also encourages increased purchases from the customer, rather than seeing a one-off sauce or rub among a wider store selection.  We hear from our dealers time and time again that the brand presence of having a Croix Valley line of products available has led to increased, repeat sales. To register for Authorized Dealer status, please contact Max Nelson at

Program Benefits:

1. Croix Valley's Quarterly Rebate Program.

Authorized Dealers receive quarterly rebates redeemable toward future orders during the following quarter. 4 times a year, we send rebate vouchers to our Authorized Dealers for redemption that work like cash, even being used in conjunction with current specials, promotions and sales.

All individual orders over $400 receive a 5% rebate.

All individual orders over $1000 receive an 8% rebate.



2. Industry-leading Onboarding and Ongoing Support.

We pride ourselves on creating relationships with our dealers and supporting them in their stores to ensure their success with the product line.  We offer virtual Zoom video conferencing with our dealers to train management and staff on our product line and offer continuous training any time needed.  By turning store staff into experts on our products, the customer becomes educated, we convert questions into sales and we all come out ahead.



3. Exclusive Monthly Specials

Each month, we release new specials exclusive to our Authorized Dealer network, specials that are not offered to the rest of Croix Valley's wholesale accounts.  Specials such as 20% off wholesale cost on our Fruit BBQ Sauce collection or 15% off all Rubs & Seasonings are example of monthly specials we have offered that allow our dealers to stock up, offer sale prices to customers or simply gain more margin on those items.




An industry first, our Chat With a Pitmaster feature allows customers and sales staff alike to chat live with a Croix Valley Pitmaster to answer all product and grilling/BBQ-related quesitons, leading to immediate conversions on the sales floor.  Customers simply scan the QR code on the shelf talker and they're connected with one of our staff 7 days a week 8am-9pm to tackle every question from "What's the best sauce for ribs?" to "How long do I smoke a brisket for?". 


Our Chat With a Pitmaster feature is like having a FREE employee on the sales floor, interacting with your in-store clients to help with all of their outdoor cooking needs.


5. Personalized Video Content for Social Media.

We produce great videos promoting unique and easy recipes that are perfect for sharing on social media to showcase grilling and smoking recipes, tips, tricks and uses for Croix Valley products.  Our Authorized Dealers have the ability to request personalization on the videos to help drive traffic toward in-store purchases.  We can easily customize videos with a personal message by naming the store and encouraging customers to stop in and take advantage of the product selection.  Videos are a great resource to turn social media posts into in-store foot traffc!


6. Authorized Dealer Window Cling and Priority Store Locator Placement.

Croix Valley customers know that our Authorized Dealers carry the largest selection of products, making them more apt to visit the locations to find what they are looking for versus other retail locations that may only carry a handful of items.  Authorized Dealers are given priority placement on our website, showing up before locations that may be closer to a customer's location, when searching on our Store Locator.  Our window cling is the perfect way to identify that your retail location offers the widest selection of premium Croix Vally BBQ supplies.


7. Minimum Quarterly Social Media Boosts.

Authorized Dealers take advantage of our Social Media Boosts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let customers know that that they can find our products at the dealer's location.  Our messages reach over 100,000 unique accounts daily and we help promote the Authorized Dealer locations at least once every few months.  Have a special or deal going on? Simply reach out to us and we'll help promote it as well.



8. Dedicated Account Manager & Direct Access to the Croix Valley Team.

Our Authorized Dealers know our Team and we know our dealers.  We know their stores, their product selection, their customer base and more importantly, their names.  We value a personal relationship and feel that we can best serve our client's needs when we know who they are and what's important to them as well.  Our Authorized Dealers have the Croix Valley Team's names and numbers, can call anytime to have their questions answered or to talk shop and their accounts are serviced by a dedicated Account Manager who always puts their needs first.