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Croix Valley Bubba-Cue Sauce

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So, is Bubba-Cue Sauce real? Is it condemned to fiction simply because we launched it on April 1st? We'll let you decide. One thing is certain - you can count on us to develop unique flavors that we make ourselves right here in Hudson, WI. More to come...

Croix Valley Bubba-Cue Sauce is an amazing blend that perfectly pairs classic bubble gum flavors with American BBQ. Perfect as a condiment or glaze for ribs, poultry, wild game and more. 

Suggested uses:

  • Excellent on rack of lamb.
  • Adds a sweet tang to crab legs.
  • Turns cheesecake into a dessert reminiscent of the county fair.
  • Phenomenal on pulled pork.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dan Dicke
Ace in the hole

As a competition cook over the years I've done many things to make my barbecue taste like candy, and this supercharges the process. The not so subtle hints of sugar, that texture that is absolutely unmistakable. I've always said when I get a taste of my own medicine I hope it's Pepto-Bismol. And now I can glaze my brisket with pride

John Schwartz
Phenomenal on Sandhill Crane

Marinade sandhill crane breasts 8-12 hours and grill off! Trying it on unicorn lions next! Gives such a deep and fresh taste to anything you apply to!

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