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Croix Valley "Beefalo" Wings

Time to take your wing game up a notch with these amazing meaty treats. Ditching the same old wings lends way to wrapping your chicken in Beef, Italian Sausage, Bacon and the flavor combination of Croix Valley Rubs and Sauce.  Try these next time you fire up the grill and watch them disappear!

Croix Valley "Beefalo" Wings


  1. Grab some chicken wing drummies and scrape the meat back on the bone, forming little chicken "lollipops".  Coat generously with Croix Valley Original Barbecue Booster and grill over direct heat (400 degrees) for approximately 15 minutes of until the meat is firm - do NOT overcook the wings.
  2. Next, combine a pound of ground beef and a pound of Italian Sausage.  Form meat into an even number of portions (roughly 2.5 ounces each) and flatten into rectangular patties.  Wrap the meat entirely around the chicken wings, then wrap in a slice of bacon.  Tuck the ends of the bacon underneath the slice to ensure that it does not unwrap during the cook.  Coat the Beefalo Wings in Croix Valley Spicy Barbecue Booster (or any of our amazing dry rubs) and place on a 275 degree smoker for approximately 40 minutes, or until the meat is cooked throughout.  NOTE:  If you do not have a smoker, you can easily cook these on the grill over indirect heat for the same period of time.  Be sure to decrease the heat of the grill to under 300 degrees.
  3. Once the meat is done, baste liberally with Croix Valley Pitmaster's Bold Competition Barbecue Sauce (or any of your favorite Croix Valley Sauces) and allow the sauce to set on the wings for 5-10 minutes before pulling.  Eat and enjoy!


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