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Grilled Flatbread Pizza

Video: Grilled Flatbread Pizza


When most people think of grilling a meal, it’s usually all about the proteins.  Steaks, burgers, brats and ribs take center stage in the outdoor kitchen and many people rarely venture outside of the tailgating comfort zone to grill familiar meals more commonly made indoors.  Sandwiches, deserts, side dishes and more can all be made with ease on any grill, if the pitmaster is willing to broaden their horizons.   One such favorite that couldn’t be easier and more flavorful is pizza.

While many recipes exist for grilled pizza, from making fresh pizza dough to using a frozen crust, my method is designed for ease of preparation and to maximize the smokiness and flavor of your fuel source.  Keeping in mind that everyone has their favorite pizza toppings, preparing a grilled pizza in the following fashion can be done with just about any ingredients and will give your food the distinctive character of a wood-fired, brick oven pizza. 


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