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Croix Valley Hot 'n Spicy Sauce & Marinade

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Ingredients: Natural Tomato Concentrate (tomato, sugar, vinegar, spice, onion), Organic Tapioca Syrup, Vinegar, Water, Granulated Onion, Spices, Natural Flavors.

Hold on to your taste buds, folks! Croix Valley's Hot 'n Spicy Sauce & Marinade is here to set your meals ablaze – but in a delicious way! Taking our Original recipe and nudging the heat dial up, you'll first savor the flavor before the spicy finale tickles your tongue. Perfect for all meats, from ribs and wings to steak and beyond, this saucy firecracker is ready to double as a barbecue sauce, marinade, basting or dipping sauce, or a secret weapon to spice up your dishes in the kitchen or on the grill. Bring on the heat, and let the flavor fiesta begin!

  • Perfect for wild game including deer, elk, and waterfowl.
  • Make spicy shrimp or salmon as a marinade or glaze.

         Additional suggested uses:

  • Fantastic addition to spice up chili.
  • Mix with ground beef for an amazing meatloaf.  Baste on meatloaf while cooking!
  • Fantastic marinade and condiment for wild game - Makes the best spicy venison!
  • Excellent marinade for making jerky.
  • Add to beef and chicken for spicy tacos, fajitas, and Mexican dishes.
  • Makes the base for a killer Jambalaya!

Recipes with Croix Vally Hot 'N Spicy Sauce and Marinade:

Croix Valley Spicy Fajitas
Reuben Stuffed Ribeyes
Blue Cheese Steak 'N Shroom Spring Rolls

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tyler Hoffman
i put that sh!! on everything !

I love this stuff.. first bought this years ago at apple fest in bayfield WI i believe or could have been hot air balloon in Hudson??? . have been hooked since. use it on steak, ribs, spicy burger sauce with other ingredients and on venison. LOVE IT !

Mike S
Steak and Venison!

A great steak sauce, but also a perfect marinade for venison loin and venison sirloin roasts!

Croix Valley Hot & Spicy Sauce

Perfect amount of heat. Great on wings. Wife uses it as cocktail sauce on shrimp.

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