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Tasty Grilled Stuff

VIDEO: Croix Valley Smoked Bacon Philly Cheese Brats

The flavors of a Philly Cheese Steak combined with a juicy bacon-wrapped beer brat are a match made on the grill!  

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Wrap your Thanksgiving leftovers in dough and toss it on the grill for an amazing treat the entire family will love!

Perfect Grilled Venison Roast

Grilling lean venison can be tricky, but our foolproof recipe will make the star of the dinner table. 

Grilled Reuben Pocket

The Grilled Reuben Pocket is a a quick to prepare hand-held delight perfect for snacking or as a meal itself.

Barbecued Backyard Rabbit

Barbecued rabbit is not only one of the healthiest options for the grill, but tender and delicious as well.