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Grilled Rachel Stromboli

Grilled Rachel Stromboli

Grilled Rachel Stromboli

The Rachel sandwich is the turkey variation of the Rueben that has a history deep in New York delicatessens and Midwest poker parlors. Wherever its beginnings, the classic Rachel is a sandwich of sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing, usually prepared on pumpernickel or rye bread. Numerous variations exist on the sandwich, including the Reuben (with corned beef), the Blue (replacing the dressing for bleu cheese), the Virgin (sans meat), and others. All have one thing in common; they are tasty, are a great way to use up leftovers from the Holidays, and can easily be made on the outdoor grill.

Our recipe for our Grilled Rachel Stromboli includes the classic ingredients layered in croissant dough and grilled over lump hardwood charcoal, enabling the dough to absorb the smokiness of the fuel source and flavors of a good old fashioned barbecue. So quick and easy to make, these Rachels are small enough for snacking but can be made large enough for a meal. What you'll 

Grilled Rachel Stromboli


  • Thick-sliced Turkey Breast
  • Swiss cheese
  • Prepared croissant dough (such as the canned type) or thin crust pizza dough
  • Sauerkraut
  • Thousand Island dressing


We have not outlined specific measurements for this recipe, as the size and quantity of the Rachel Stromboli may vary.

  1. Heat your grill to a medium temperature of around 350°F and bank your coals to one side to utilize cooking over indirect heat.
  2. Lay flat the dough from one can of croissant dough (it's better to buy the dough as a full "sheet" if available, rather than the perforated varieties) and cut into quarters. Round the edges of the dough or roll into 8-10" circles.
  3. In the middle of the dough, layer Swiss cheese, then turkey, then sauerkraut, and top with Thousand Island dressing. Wrap one end of the dough on top of the ingredients, then fold the opposite side of the dough on top of that.
  4. Brush a light coating of olive oil over the dough to prevent it from sticking to the grates, place the Stromboli on the grill (away from the coals) and replace the cover.
  5. Cook for approximately 10 minutes, and then turn at a 45-degree angle with a flat metal spatula. Continue cooking for another 5 minutes, then turn over. The dough should begin to "bake by this point and show signs of browning (if the dough is still somewhat raw, wait to turn over until it has firmed up and begins to turn brown).
  6. Repeat the cooking process for another 5 minutes, turn at a 45-degree angle, then finish cooking an additional 5 minutes or until the dough appears baked, golden and flaky.
  7. Remove from grill, wait 5 minutes and serve with additional Thousand Island dressing for dipping.

The Grilled Rachel Stromboli will quickly become a favorite for those that encounter it, being so easy to eat with the hands and completely mess-free. This method can be used as a blank canvas for creating any number of "pocket" creations. Stuffing the crusts with pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni is a fantastic Italian variation.

Utilizing the flavors of stir-fry sauce, chicken, and vegetables will give you a tantalizing Asian flair. With the flavors of charcoal infused right into the dough, the Grilled Rachel Stromboli will quickly become a staple at your next barbecue!

Keep on grillin'!

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