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Smoked Olive Loaf Sliders

Smoked Olive Loaf Sliders

mike schilling smoked olive loaf sliders


I’ve never smoked bologna.

Theoretically, I still haven’t, and if you don’t like green olives, olive loaf, or pimento cheese then this probably isn’t your bag. If you do, high five.

Apparently smoked bologna has its origin in Oklahoma. My first time having it was at FirewiseBBQ. Immediately liked it.

Second time was when I was introduced to bologna and pimento cheese sandwiches by Kari Luke, World Food Champion. I never turn down pimento cheese, and it’s just the perfect accompaniment to bologna and doesn’t overpower it.

I believe Fox Bros Bar-B-Q makes a version called the Carl Ruiz, in honor of the late chef known for his Cuban sandwiches and Food Network fame, who passed away so very young. Smoked bologna, pimento cheese, pickles, mustard, and Fritos. I can dig it. So that brings me to todays version.

mike schilling
croix valley mike schilling
croix valley mike schilling
croix valley mike schilling
croix valley mike schilling
croix valley mike schilling

Smoked Olive Loaf sliders with Pimento Cheese and Sautéed Onions on Grilled Potato Rolls

  1. I used a 2# chunk of olive loaf, which isn’t round like a bologna chub. I quartered it long ways to fit the sliders, scored with a knife to accept more smoke and goodness.
  2. Brush the quarters with Croix Valley Honey Dijon Barbecue ‘n Brat Sauce and apply a good coating of Croix Valley Memphis BBQ Dry Rub. On to the smoker at 225 degrees for a couple hours to get some good smoke and set the rub.
  3. Assembly was done on the outdoor griddle, and it was a beautiful day for it. Onions are seasoned with Croix Valley Original BBQ Booster and sautéed. The potato rolls buttered and browned on the griddle.
  4. Brown slices of smoked olive loaf and add pimento cheese and onions to soften the pimento cheese. Slap that on a grilled potato roll and that’s it!
It’s an easy treat that you can enjoy this summer! The olive loaf, or bologna can be made ahead of time if you’re grilling it off on a griddle or in a pan. The Croix Valley Brat Sauce is heads and tails better than the traditional yellow mustard for a binder! Oh, and I learned something new today reading about Chef Carl Ruiz. Keep on #ruizing ! aka living your best life!
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