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Team Croix Valley

Rhys Morgan | Croix Valley Pit Crew | New Zealand

Hailing from New Zealand and at just 11 years old Rhys has competed in several Junior competitions since the age of eight and has got a walk in most.

Jared Morgan | Croix Valley Pro Team | New Zealand

Jared Morgan is a fully qualified Chef based in Hamilton New Zealand whose team finished in the Top 20 in 2022.

Remko Winkelaar | Croix Valley Pro Team | Netherlands

Remko Winkelaar has been a proud member of the Croix Valley family since 2021 and is an award-winning cook across Europe.

Mitchell Van Deelen | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Ontario

Mitchell was born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands, and now grills up a storm in Ontario, Canada.

André Groenendaal | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Netherlands

André Groenendaal was born in the beautiful town of Weesp aan de Vecht in the Netherlands, and wow does he know BBQ.

James Barry | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Alberta

James Barry started taking an interest in bbq and smoking food in 2017 which quickly transformed into a passion.

Dave P | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Saskatchewan

At home in the woods of Canada, or around the grates of his grills, Dave gets after it!

Dale Benson | Croix Valley Pro Team | Illinois

A lovely wife, 4 daughters, 4 granddaughters, a grandson, and 3 naughty Alaskan Malamutes keep this talented cook busy!

Steve & Jen Lauer | Croix Valley Pro Team | Minnesota

Steve and Jen live in Stillwater, MN and have participated in food sport events since 2011.

Scott Carlisle | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Minnesota

 Making people happy with the food he creates is why Scott strives to become a better cook every day.

John Schwartz | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Minnesota

John having always loved BBQ, entered his first backyard competition in 2017 with a group of buddies trying to figure out who has the best ribs.

Jeff Hanson | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Wisconsin

Jeff enjoys all things grilling, smoking, and bbq, road trips, hanging out with family and friends, and competing in SCA Steak Cookoffs.